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These are quick Theological Sketches where I address an idea through animation.


This, That, and Paradox | A Simple Introduction to Communicative Rationality

Ideas often unfold for me while I’m walking. Last Thursday morning this video unfolded in my mind. It has three origins: The final sermon in the series on Job is coming up over Labor Day weekend. The wisdom of Job leads us to the deep, paradoxical mystery of God and reality. Richard Rohr’s meditations were […]

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Your Brain and a PhD

Here’s what I learned after getting a Ph.D. When I started, this is how I thought about knowledge. My brain is like a jug that gets filled with information. Then I started the PhD program, and this is what I experienced… Knowledge is not something to be acquired and contained. It is a vast sea […]

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Wealth, Social Class, and the Kingdom of Heaven | A Visual Sermon from Matthew 25:31-46

Listen to the sermon audio One lens through which we can look at the human condition is that of the socio-economic landscape. What did Jesus have to say about how the socio-economic classes should interact? There are basically three classes of people in the world, when observed through this simplistic lens: The poor, the middle-class, […]

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