Apologies for the Downed Site

I apologize to anyone who may have tried to access my site in the past two days. My server was hacked and the service provider shut me down until I could purge the malware. I’m up and running now. Please pray that the new safeguards I’ve put in place will...
What Does it Mean to Be Born Again? | A Visual Guide  and Commentary on John 3:1-21

Give the Gift of Learning this Christmas

I love learning and there are three ways that I would love to share it with you this Christmas and in the new year: #1 A FREE Gift for You and Your Friends! Make 2016 the year to get into the Bible. You can take the Bible Mania Course absolutely free! This is a...
Congregation | Class Notes | May 1

Congregation | Class Notes | May 1

Keifert gave two powerful mini-lectures today. One dealt with the ineffectiveness of doctrine when it does not flow from prior listening. God is speaking all things into creation at all times. are we listening? The second dealt with our concept of the body and...
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