April 2019

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Here is my monthly attempt to help you grow deeper in the love of God...

A Missional Purpose Statement

A Missional Purpose Statement
Winter’s icy grip has melted away. Spring has sprung. Easter is almost here. Perhaps it is the increased vitamin D from the vernal sun. Perhaps it is a few recent positive conversations with colleagues. Perhaps it is the projects I’ve been feverishly working on. Perhaps it is all of these things, but I am feeling more hopeful than I have in a while.

I’d like to share a purpose statement that has emerged in recent weeks. It is not new. It is not groundbreaking. My missional colleagues will find it familiar. For me, however, it is clarifying.

A Missional Purpose Statement

Missional Spiritual Formation leaders are called to cultivate dedicated disciples of Jesus who are equipped to discern God’s action in the world and empowered to participate in it.

A Cartoonist's Guide to the Gospel of Matthew is coming along nicely. I just posted page 17. We are coming to the final chapter of Jesus' story. I think there will be at least three more pages that will tell the story of the passion week.

We made a big decision mid-stream. We decided to use a font for the text rather than do it all freehand. My wife went back to the first 13 pages and redid all the lettering. I'm slowly retrofitting all the pages. Stay tuned...

Apologies to the Unsubscribed

When we ported the data to the new server it took all my subscribers and lumped them together. That means anyone who had previously clicked "unsubscribe" to my newsletter was put back into active subscription. I am so sorry. It is never my intent to clog your inbox with unwanted email. Simply hit "unsubscribe" again, and we'll pray that my system doesn't crash again. Thank you for your understanding.
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