December 2019

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Holy and Peaceful Advent to you. May it lead you to a deeper enjoyment of Christmas this year. This month I want to share two things with you. First, I offer some words of encouragement and hope through select blog posts from the past month. Second, I offer two gift ideas for the young adults in your life.

from the blog...

God's Promise and World Power Systems

God's Promise and World Power Systems
These images offer a visual introduction to the basic ancient cosmology and how political power structures evolved. It is important to understand the ancient worldview in order to fully grasp the language and context of God's Promises to Abraham's family. The temptation toward power struggles and violence in the ancient world are still present today. May we learn to hear God's Promises, through Jesus Christ, clearly in our present situation.

The Heart of God | A Sermon from Hosea 11:1-11

The Heart of God | A Sermon from Hosea 11:1-11
This sermon explores, both visually and dramatically, the metaphor of God as a parent to a wayward child. The disobedience of God's child, Israel, breaks God's heart. Yet, in the end, God's compassion for Israel wins out over any feelings of retribution. Love wins. That is the heart of God. View this post to see the visual meditation used to …

For the Young Adult in Your Life...

I would love to share two books that I've written with you. The first is a young adult fantasy novel. The second is a graphic novel guide to the Gospel of Matthew. These could be unique Christmas gifts for your friends and family this year. Enjoy!

Pleroma - Book 1 of the Nectar Trilogy

In a desperate attempt to escape another violent encounter with his father, Lane Gray hides himself and is thrown into another world. They think he is the Pleroma, their long awaited Savior, sent to deliver them from the hands of their oppressors. He thinks they are figments of his coma-induced subconscious guiding him toward waking up. Either way, he has to fight to get home and save his little brother.

A Cartoonist's Guide to the Gospel of Matthew: A 30-page, full-color Graphic Novel

In this 30 page graphic novel version of the Gospel of Matthew invites you to enter Jesus' story as one of the crowd who listens to his teaching, watches what he does, and stands amazed.
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