November 2019

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I hope your fall is going well. It is has been a very full and fruitful fall here in my little part of the world. We have launched Fall ministries in the church I serve and my own projects are starting to gain traction.

The intention of this newsletter is to provide you with something that that will encourage you on your Journey. Enjoy!

The Visual Preacher Project is Off to a Great Start

Fortress Press asked me to write a book about using visuals in preaching. I'm very excited about the project and have decided to make it a public, communal experience. That is the purpose of
The project has gone very well in its first few weeks:
  • We have over 400 members on the Facebook Group and the conversations have led me to great new vistas of research.
  • I've posted four interviews with communicators and scholars about Visual Communication, and there are more to come.
  • You can listen to the interviews on the podcast or watch them on YouTube.
I invite you and any preachers or communicators you know to join the conversation.
How Do You Define Success? | A Sermon on 1 Samuel 16:1-13

How Do You Define Success?

A Sermon on 1 Samuel 16:1-13

How do you define success? The gods of our age lure us to wealth, achievement, and power. Are these the rhythms of the Kingdom of God to which Jesus invites us to walk? This sermon looks at the calling of David and reminds us the the Lord does not look on the outward appearance, like mortals do. The Lord looks on the heart.

On the Art Side of Things

Shop Open

One Stop Shopping Now Available

It is getting close to Christmas. Are you looking for a nice gift for your pastor, a friend, or family? You can now browse my shop and find:
I participated in Inktober again this year. It is a fun art challenge started by Jake Parker over ten years ago. Jake publishes a one word prompt for each day of October and challenges you to create an original ink drawing inspired by that word. I completed 24 this year. Not bad. Enjoy!
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