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Summer is upon us and the earth is slowly, ever so slowly, reopening from the COVID-19 pandemic. We will still spend more time in isolation than a "normal" summer, so I've put together some resources that you might find helpful to fill your summer days with reading, study, and art.


A Fun Read

If you are looking for a good read, then perhaps you might check out Pleroma. This is a young adult fantasy novel that will keep you guessing along the way.

In a desperate attempt to escape his abusive father, Lane Gray finds him plunged into another world and caught in an epic conflict between an oppressive nation and its helpless victims. He's convinced it is a coma-induced fantasy. He must defeat the Bellator and get home to protect his younger brother.

Join the adventure.
The Nectar Trilogy

For Bible Study

The church I serve will be preaching from selected texts in Acts this summer. A Cartoonist's Guide to Acts offers a 12-week small group study and downloadable PowerPoints to aid in your preaching, teaching, or personal study.

For Pastoral Care in a Time of Crisis

I Can't Breathe | A Reflection on #georgefloyd, COVID-19, and Pentecost

“I can’t breathe.”
Those were the last words George Floyd spoke before he was crushed to death by a Minneapolis police officer.
The city of Minneapolis burns this week. Literal flames consume a local store while rage engulfs the community and breaks out in wildfires of violence and vandalism.
I Can't Breathe | A Reflection on #georgefloyd, COVID-19, and Pentecost

What Does Love Look Like in a Pandemic? | A Sermon from 1 Corinthians 13

What Does Love Look Like in a Pandemic? | A Sermon from 1 Corinthians 13
How do you navigate conflict in the church, or in the world? What does love look like in a pandemic? The church in Corinth was riddled with conflict and arrogance, even around the topic of spiritual gifts. The Apostle reminds the church that each of us is one part a larger whole. He shows them the most excellent
This sermon walks through 1 Corinthians 13 and explores what love looks like when the world is arguing over how to reopen in a pandemic?

On the Art Side of Things

Spirit of the Earth
"Spirit of the Earth"
Digital painting.
Roots plunged into the ground, canopy opened to heaven, she holds it all in the balance.
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