August 2021


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This month I am very excited to share some big news with you. A Cartoonist's Guide to Luke is finished! It is a graphic novel style presentation of the Gospel of Luke with 24 full-color pages that illustrate every passage in Luke.

I started working on it last fall as we were preparing to preach through Luke, following the Narrative Lectionary. The passages from the Narrative Lectionary only touched on 16 out of the 24 pages, which left me with 8 unfinished pages at the beginning of the summer.

My summer goal has been to complete these 8 pages and release the print version by the end of July. Mission accomplished!

Download and Share

The Gospel of Luke tells the story of Jesus from the perspective of a defender of the poor, the weak, and the outcast. It begins with Jesus’ humble birth in a stable and ends with his death on a cross and his resurrection from the dead.

This download includes everything you need to visually study the story and to present the story in your preaching and teaching.

The download includes:

  • A PowerPoint file with 462 slides. Present these slides as you read the text. Every passage of the Gospel is represented visually.
  • An Image Pack of 462 .jpg files to be used in other presentation applications.
  • A full-color, 24-page, printable PDF of the graphic novel.

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On the Art Side of Things

Four Seasons of Gooseberry

Four Seasons of Gooseberry

oil on canvas quadtych. 36" x 96"
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