March 2019

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Today is Ash Wednesday. This is the official beginning of Lent. Many of us will attend a worship service today where someone will smear black ashes mixed with oil on our forehead and say, "Remember that from dust you came and to dust you will return." What is this all about? There are many lenses through which we can look …
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I am creating a Graphic Novel style overview of the Gospel of Matthew right now, as we preach through it in our congregation. There are currently 13 pages online that cover chapters 1-18. Each page has a visual commentary and links to download PowerPoints and images to help you in your preaching, teaching, and study of Matthew. I'm excited to complete this project and, perhaps, publish a print version this summer.

Website Update

Some of you may remember that my website crashed in September. Sara Williams, of came to my rescue. She has been laboriously rebuilding my database over the past few months. I had uploaded so many images in the past decade that I broke my server!

The new website is now online. Please pray for me as I slowly rebuild the pages. Much of what I had done in The Cartoonist's Guide to the Bible (previously the Bible Bookshelf) was lost and I have to rebuild it.

I look forward to the Phoenix that will arise out of the ashes of my previous site. I suppose it is appropriate that I make this arduous journey during Lent. Please continue to check back to see the progress.

I hope to continue to create visually, spiritually, and intellectually stimulating resources that will help you grow deeper in the love of God.


Apologies to the Unsubscribed

When we ported the data to the new server it took all my subscribers and lumped them together. That means anyone who had previously clicked "unsubscribe" to my newsletter was put back into active subscription. I am so sorry. It is never my intent to clog your inbox with unwanted email. Simply hit "unsubscribe" again, and we'll pray that my system doesn't crash again. Thank you for your understanding.
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