September 2019

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Here is my monthly attempt to help you grow deeper in the love of God...

Calling All Preachers...Can You Help Me Write This Book?

Calling All Preachers...Can You Help Me Write This Book?
I signed a book contract with Fortress Press to add to the Working Preacher Book Series. They asked me to write a book about using visuals to enhance the craft of preaching. I need your help. This page is dedicated to creating a community of preachers and communicators to discuss and learn about the craft of visual communication.
I had the privilege to spend ten days visiting our partner congregations in Guatemala. I blogged through the whole trip.

On the Art Side of Things

Plen Air Painting in Guatemala

Plen Air Painting in Guatemala
Two things happened this summer that expanded my experience as an artist. The first is that I discovered an artist named James Gurney. He does amazing plen air sketches in gouache paint that just blow my mind. The second thing that happened is I had the opportunity to spend ten days in Guatemala. Aha! This would be a wonderful opportunity …
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