December 2020

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Advent is the season where we discipline ourselves to slow down, resist the temptations of the glitzy consumerism of the premature Christmas season, and sit with the Hebrew prophets in the expectation of light that overcomes darkness. The pandemic has forced us into these practices, whether we wanted to or not. This season, I pray that you will be overwhelmed by God's hope, peace, joy and love as we light the candles that lead the way to God with us, Immanuel, this Christmas.


Light Your Own Virtual Advent Wreath

You can download a PowerPoint and Image pack that allows you to virtually light each candle of the Advent wreath (like the image above). Use it in your virtual worship space, on your social media sites, or just for your own enjoyment.
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The Drawing Through Luke Project is coming along nicely. CLICK HERE to view the progress. The Online portion is starting to take shape.
Preachers who follow the Narrative Lectionary are getting geared up to preach through the Gospel of Luke, beginning at Christmas. I plan to draw my way through the Gospel this year and create the third in the series of Graphic Novels for A Cartoonist’s Guide to the Bible. In these videos I’ll bring you behind the scenes to study the text and watch the artistic/scholarship process of creating this book…in real time.
You can follow the series on YouTube or on Facebook.
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On the Art Side of Things

Spirit of the Earth

Spirit of the Earth

Digital painting. "Spirit of the Earth" Roots plunged into the ground, canopy opened to heaven, she holds it all in the balance.
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