I’ve been working on this animation since the beginning of June and finally finished it just before Thanksgving. Kyle Pederson is an amazing composer who is a member of the church I attend. He composed this piece during the COVID lockdown and was inspired by visions from the Old and New Testament around an alternative world where people live in peace. I first heard this piece when the choir at church sang it. I thought it was beautiful.

Imagine my delight when Kyle reached out to me and asked if I would do an animation to illustrate the song. He gave me a blank canvas. As I listened to his words I heard two voices, two versions of pain, and two visions of what a better world would look like. Then I imagined the kind of work it would take to bring those visions together to became a reality.

You can see that the art starts out black and white and really, really rough. That is our current reality. Then, when the visions move from wishful thinking, through the hard work of walking together through the storm, they can become solid and colorful.

I hope you enjoy this piece. 

May we all walk together.

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