This was another artful year. Please enjoy this retrospective gallery of the various pieces I created in 2021. 

Going Big

This was the year of the big, ambitious oil paintings. I did a large tryptych for myself in May. That project prompted a private collector to commission me to do a large four-panel piece in July. I’m a full-time pastor, so I don’t have time to do these types of projects, usually. I used three weeks of vacation time to paint them.

Click on the images to see more behind the scenes about each painting.

This photo shows the final piece hanging in my home. It hangs over the stairwell and the mountains are at eye level when sitting on the couch in the living room. I wanted to be able to look over and pretend that I was looking out the windows at mountains.

oil on canvas

The tall canvas on the left is 24″ x 54 “

The client gave me the following parameters: it has to fit on a particular wall in my house, and it has to depict a landscape from Minnesota.

I found a panoramic photo of Gooseberry for reference, dissected it into four equal parts, and imagined what each section would look like in a different season of the year.

The client was pleased.

Live Art

I had the opportunity to produce live art during worship on two occassions at the church I serve. 

Good Friday

CLICK HERE to watch the service.

Thanksgiving Eve

This image was painted live on my iPad in the Procreate App. We connected the iPad to the projectors. Click the image to view the process and behind the scenes.

CLICK HERE to watch the service.

Digital Paintings, Just for Fun

These were all painted in the Procreate App on my iPad.

Inktober 2021

Inktober is an annual art challenge started by Jake Parker. He publishes a list of one-word daily prompts and challenges artists to do a pen-ond-ink drawing every day based on the prompt. I managed to complete 18 this year. They were all drawn in the Procreate App on my iPad, trying to simulate traditional pen-and-ink limitations. Click the image to view the full gallery.

Graphic Novel

I completed Luke: The Graphic Novel. This is the third in the series from A Cartoonist’s Guide to the Bible. Click the image to view the pages. CLICK HERE to view on Amazon.

Thanks for viewing my gallery.


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