The Soul’s Journey in God

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I recently read/listened to The Universal Christ by Richard Rohr. I also listened to the accompanying podcast, Another Name for Every Thing, hosted by Brie Stoner and Paul Swanson. This is highly recommended reading and listening for anyone who is serious about growing deeper in the love of God for the sake of the world.

This post is not a review of the book, although I will do that eventually. My goal for this post is to visually walk through what Rohr calls The Soul’s Journey to God. He says there are three phases through which we must pass:


This triune pattern appears again and again in my reading and in the things I write and teach. The following Cartoonist’s Guide is my attempt to bring several ideas together to map out the Soul’s Journey to God. I am purposefully not writing much commentary. I want the images to communicate for themselves. Click on the image to learn more about each topic.



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