“I see it now!”

All of these exclamations share the spirit of Epiphany. The Greek word is epiphaneia. It comes from the compound word epi=on,to + phainein=to show.

We call this season of the year Epiphany because it is the time when Jesus shows up on the human stage and begins his ministry. The ironic thing is that the word never shows up in a Gospel. The only time we read it is in the Pastoral Letters of 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus. Oh well, the Gospels are still a true Epiphany of God in the flesh.

I am very excited to announce something else that has showed up on the stage. The Cartoonist’s Guide to Matthew Page 2 is updated and full of illustrations, videos, sermons, PowerPoints, and commentary. I invite you to check it out as you prepare for Epiphany.

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