The Narrative Lectionary is working through Ephesians this summer. It motivated me to go back to my work on Ephesians from 2004 and put some finishing touches to it. I did all the illustrations back then and made the movie, but never finished the project. Feel free to use these resources in any way that is helpful to you.

Ephesians is called a prison letter because Paul was in prison when he wrote it.

The big challenge in the first church was the cultural division between Jews and Gentiles.

The Love of Christ breaks down the wall of hostility to make us into one people.

The church is built upon the five-fold leadership roles of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher.

Leaders are called to equip the saints for ministry.

The goal is to grow together in maturity and unity.

The mark of the healthy church is when we are able to speak the truth in love.

A healthy body can withstand the storms of false teaching.

So…the point of building the church is to be the church in the world.

We are called to walk in the light of the Spirit, not in the darkness.

This is what it means to walk in the Spirit.

As opposed to the works of darkness

The church is about mutual submission that deconstructs the hierarchical and oppressive power structures of society.

We are encouraged to stand strong in the faith to withstand the powers of darkness.

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