Grondin, Jean. Introduction to Philosophical Hermeneutics. New Haven: Yale University Press. 1994.

Author – Jean Grondin

The following illustration represents the history that Grondin sets forth in this book. It provides a nice frame for understanding how hermeneutics shifted in the mid-twentieth century from positivism to a more communicative, constructivist perspective. This was not an overnight switch, nor was it a complete shift, of course. The perspective that is now considered post-modern, or late-modern is actually the natural product of the romantic movement in the 19th century. Grondin explains how the violence of the early 20th century exposed the shortcomings of rationalism and positivism, thus opening the door for the neo-romantic philosophies to bloom.

This illustration is interactive in my Prezi on the Hermeneutical Shift.
A Visual History of the Hermeneutical Shift according to Grondin

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