Another interesting thing happened on my odyssey into social media, theology, and the construction of meaning. This one happened on Twitter. I received this tweet from @PrayersNApples:

@StevenPThomason just wanted to say great thketch on kegan! i linked to it on my website, Prayers and Apples 🙂

First of all, I had no idea who @PrayersNApples is, so I thought it was spam. But then I saw “Thketch” and “Kegan” and realized this person had seen my Thketch of Kegan’s Five Orders of Cosciousness. This tweeter has taken a class from Kegan and linked to my Thketch at the end of her paper online.

I was amazed and asked her how she found it. She said that @DavidHolzmer tweeted it. Again, who is @DavidHolzmer? I had no idea. Moments later I saw that @DavidHolzmer was now following me on Twitter. I went to his blog and discovered that he is also a PhD student studying leadership. I tweeted, still scratching my head in disbelief, and asked him how he found my Thketch.

He responded:

@StevenPThomason Hi Steve, I have a Google Alert for “kegan” + “fifth order”. Great, great overview! Kegan’s part of my PhD, what abt yrs?

That’s when the sky parted and a new revelation descended upon me. What is this strange “Google Alert” of which he spoke? I went to my Google page, scrolled through the “more” category, and there it was. Alerts. It had been there all the time. This is a service with which you can have Google troll for specific searches and notify you whenever something new pops up. Eureka. A Cyber-Ninja spy working 24-hours/day on my behalf.

This is the world we live in. I post a Thketch about Kegan. Google Alerts notifies someone I’ve never known who lives in New Jersey. He watches it and tweets it. Someone else (I have no idea if they know each other) follows his link, watches it, and then links to it as part of her paper on Kegan, for Kegan’s class!

Thanks Twitter for “Alerting” me to Alerts!



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