Isaiah 35

In this message Isaiah proclaims a vision of hope for the future.  He describes what the Kingdom will be like when the Messiah comes and God vindicates Israel.  It is a beautiful picture that will, hopefully, spark hope in your heart.

It is interesting to note that one of the themes throughout the Bible has to do with the treatment of the lame, sick, orphans, and poor.  The value of a leader is measured, not on his ability to erect grand structures or conquer other nations.  Rather, in God’s eyes, a leader is measured by his attitude toward and ability to aid the poor and underprivileged.  Reading through Isaiah it is easy to observe that the elite of Judah had become calloused to the poor and sick and had horded the wealth for themselves.  In Isaiah’s vision of God’s Kingdom those members of society become exalted and their pain is vindicated.

We can walk on that street today.  God’s Kingdom is open to us through the King of all Kings, Jesus.  He has made the Way of Holiness accessable to us through the Holy Spirit.  Let’s open our hearts to God’s holiness so that it will overflow with grace and mercy to those in our society who are hurting and in need.

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