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Week 30 Day 4 – Of Prideful Clay

Isaiah 29:13-16

It is at this point that we must unwrap the real culprit that lies at the root of our silly scheming:  Pride.  Deep inside we have a desire to be “right,”  to be “free,” to be “in control.”  Our society has adopted a notion of radical individualism; this notion that I am a free agent, the master of my destiny.  We believe that we can shape ourselves into whatever form we want.  How foolish is that?!?  Can the pot make itself into something else?  This all comes down to a matter of trust.  Do you trust that God, who is your creator, has your best interest in mind? Do you trust Him enough to obey what He says, even if it seems contradictory to human wisdom?  For a person who has been burned by people in the past, this is a scary proposal.  Yet, it is the heart of the gospel.  Let go of your need to be your own master and turn everything over to your creator.  Let Him have your heart, then He will make it produce the kind of fruit that it was meant to produce.

Spend some time asking God to expose to you the areas of your life where you are still holding on to control.  Ask Him for the courage to let go.

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