1 Chronicles 23:1-5; 25:1

There are two observations from today’s reading:

1. Different people have different tasks. One of the greatest lessons that any group of people can learn is that it takes a plurality of leadership and an interconnection of disciplines to be healthy.  In the church, specifically, it is a natural tendency for the leader to feel that he has to do everything, to carry the burden of all responsibilities, and to be the servant to all.  While the leader should always maintain a servant’s heart, it is ludicrous to believe that one person could be good at and accomplish all the tasks that need to happen to shepherd a healthy church community.  Look at what David did.  He divided up the responsibilities into four basic areas:  construction supervisors, judicial overseers, gatekeepers/protectors, and musicians.  These four functions are radically different and require very different skill sets to perform well.  If the community of God is to be healthy, then it needs to be diversified in its duties and delegated in the carrying out of those duties.

2. Musicians were in equal status with everyone else. This observation stands out because a) I am an artist and am always combing scripture for validation, and b) it runs contrary to our culture’s pragmatic attitude toward leadership.  In our society, when times get tough the “fluffy stuff” gets thrown out first.  And what is the fluffy stuff?  Art.  This is very evident in the school systems, both public and private.  When there is no money, art class is the first thing to get cut.  Most Christian schools don’t even have art classes because they can’t be justified in the budget.  This is a tragedy and, I believe, brings grief to the heart of God.  We were created in the image of God.  God is a creator and we were designed to be creative and imaginative.  If our society was nothing more than construction workers, politicians, and policemen, then it would become dull, boring, and not worth building, governing, or protecting.  David established the musicians as the fourth corner of the leadership edifice because he knew that it was through the arts that windows to the eternal mind of God can be opened, allowing the life-giving light of His glory to bring the dullness of everyday life into full color.

There are two questions for you today.  First, do you know your place in the body of Christ?  And, second, are you actualizing your place in the body of Christ.  Whatever you were designed to do, that is what God expects you to do for Him.

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