If you happened to land on VibbleSpace, you noticed right away that there was nothing really there. That’s because, well, there’s nothing really there…yet. I’ve spent the month of March building the “forest” home page. There is actually quite a bit of content, but you have to know where it is.

printable PDF Studies

If you click on the .pdf symbol at the top of the tree, you’ll find an index page with links to hundreds of page of study. That’s where all the studies that I wrote for the house churches are located.

The Book Shelf

The only thing close to an actual “Vibble” is “The Book Shelf”. This is a Flash animation that illustrates the Bible as a Bookshelf full of the 66 individual books that make up its content. When you hover over the shelf labels you will see a brief description of that particular genre of literature. click on the labels and you will go to all of the illustrations I created for the Bible that were part of the written studies.

Future Plans

It is my hope and desire to post new Vibbles on a fairly regular basis as I feel led and have the opportunity. Stay tuned…

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