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History of apostles creed

Teaching Luther’s Small Catechism at Camp Wapo

What do you get when you combine a over sixty middle school students, fifteen high school students, a bunch of energetic college students, a beautiful campground, an amazing staff of leaders and teachers, and Luther’s small Catechism? You get my week. I get to experience Easter’s Confirmation Camp at Wapogasset Lutheran Bible Camp for the […]

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The Good Life and Spirituality

The Good Life Worship Series brings us to the topic of Spirituality this week. I am not preaching since I’m at Family Camp this weekend. However, I have a lot to say about Spirituality. In fact, my dissertation was about spirituality in the suburban context. This morning I simply offer two things. First, I invite […]

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Our theme for the week.

Middle School and the Good Life

Is it possible to experience The Good Life while sleeping on a tile floor on a deflated air mattress in the basement of a church, leading a group of middle school students 24/7 for a whole week? I stand to confess that yes, it is possible–not easy–but possible. Let me explain. I spent the last […]

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A Word to the White Preacher

Jan Edmiston’s post is called “Preaching While White” and is worth the read. It is timely for me as I am currently reading through the Religious Education Journal issue dedicated to Race and Religious Education. One thing that I am gleaning from these readings and my continued work in Social Trinity and relational ontology is […]

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what is my worldview

What is Your Image of God?

Our groups studying the book Renew Your Life by Kai Nilsen are underway! One group meets on Wednesday Evening and another group meets on Sunday Evening. Both groups are already engaging in deep and meaningful conversation. This week we discussed the first renewable energy: Grace. Everything–life itself–is a gift from God. When we can reimagine […]

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creation walk title slide

Connecting to Creation in Suburbia

Our youth director, Kristi Larson, is gone on the youth mission trip this week, so she asked me to fill in for her at Summer Stretch tomorrow. The topic is Caring for God’s Creation. We will meditate on Psalm 8 and reflect on how we can care for God’s creation in everyday life. This seemed […]

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