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The Last Devo of the Season

Friday, May 22. Romans 12:9-21. This is the last devo that I will write for the 2014-2015 ministry season. I like to take the summer off to regroup, pursue different writing projects, and let the devo field lay fallow for a season. If these devos have been helpful to you, I’d love to hear from […]

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One Body, Many Parts | Thursday Bible Reading

Thursday, May 21. Romans 12:1-8. We finally get to the good stuff in Romans. Paul has been constructing a complex argument in the first eleven chapters. Now he gets practical. Let me summarize the whole book in a really simple thought: We are all different, but equally in need of God’s Grace. So, let’s use […]

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Choose Life | Wednesday Bible Reading

Wednesday, May 20. Romans 10:1-21. There is one particular night in our Catechism journey that is a highlight for me. It happens during the year in which I teach a survey of the whole Bible to our students. On this night we reenact the scene that happens in Deuteronomy 30:11-20. Moses is about to die […]

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The Stumbling Block | Tuesday Bible Reading

Tuesday, May 19. Romans 9:30-33. Today’s reading happens right in the middle of a new, sub-argument that Paul is building. He’s been telling the people, in chapters 1-8, that God loves everybody, and that Gentiles are equal with Jews when it comes to God’s love. In chapters 9-11 he responds to the question the Jews […]

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