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Daily Reading Schedule for this Week

The Daily scripture reading schedule has been posted for this week. View the daily texts here. If you regularly follow this reading schedule, you might want to bookmark that page. I will update it every Sunday throughout the year. This week we will read about the story of Moses and how God uses him to […]

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Facing Your Past | A Devo on Genesis 32:3-21

Today’s Story: Genesis 32:3-21. Have you ever had one of those moments when you are in a store, you are ready to go through the check out line, and you run into THAT person? It is the person to whom you did something or about whom you said something that hurt them. You have been […]

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Don’t be a Heel | A Devo on Genesis 27:1-45

Today’s Story: Genesis 27:1-45. The name Jacob means heel or deceiver. Jacob was born grabbing the heel of his twin brother Esau and the boys wrestled for power throughout their lives. Esau was the big, strong “man’s man” who loved hunting and being outdoors. Jacob was smooth skinned and preferred to stay inside and cook. […]

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