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Caricature of Sherlock and Watson

I started this sketch on my iPad in Procreate while waiting for my daughter’s graduation ceremony to start. I noodled it for a while in Procreate and then brought it into Corel Painter 2016 on my Mac to finish. It’s nice to be able to transfer between devices like that. Enjoy!

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Mountain Lion and the Gods

My daughter, Leah, is going to graduate from high school in a month. She asked me to paint something for her as a graduation gift. We decided it would be a mountain lion sitting in front of the Garden of the Gods park in Colorado Springs. Why? Because she is going to UCCS (University of […]

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Remembering Good Fridays

This is my last Good Friday at Grace. This day holds a special place in my heart as I remember my time at Grace, because it was on this night that we did some of our most creative services. Here is a collection of images and a video to walk down memory lane. The image […]

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