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Word Became Flesh Community Art Project

The Table happened again last night. This was our second week experimenting with this new style of worship on Wednesday nights. The theme was The Bible. It is our second week of the CORE series. One of our values at The Table is to be creative and interactive for all ages. Here’s what we did: […]

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Caricature of Sherlock and Watson

I started this sketch on my iPad in Procreate while waiting for my daughter’s graduation ceremony to start. I noodled it for a while in Procreate and then brought it into Corel Painter 2016 on my Mac to finish. It’s nice to be able to transfer between devices like that. Enjoy!

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Mountain Lion and the Gods

My daughter, Leah, is going to graduate from high school in a month. She asked me to paint something for her as a graduation gift. We decided it would be a mountain lion sitting in front of the Garden of the Gods park in Colorado Springs. Why? Because she is going to UCCS (University of […]

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