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Latest Blog Posts Title

Latest Blog Posts

A Glimpse Title Image

A Glimpse | A Sermon for Transfiguration Sunday from Mark 8:27-9:8

Listen to the Sermon view the PowerPoint Read the Manuscript I wonder if you have seen this movie. It came out back in 2000. It is called the Family Man, starring Nicolas Cage and Tea Leoni. I love this movie. It tells the story of a man who had risen to the top of Wall […]

John 17:2-3

This is Eternal Life | A Devo on John 17:1-10

What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “eternal life?” Maybe you have images of angels floating around in the clouds, strumming harps, stuck in choir practice forever. Perhaps you imagine walking through pearly gates on streets of gold. Or, if you drink from a different well of imagery, perhaps you imagine the […]

Here are some of the kids we will get to meet. This is a photo from Chrissy Petersen during her last trip there.

Art and Haiti

Mondays are technically my day off from work at the church. So, I thought I would use this morning to give a couple personal updates that both involve art and mission. I got to spend the day with artist and pastor Paul Oman on Friday. I and my daughter, Leah, will leave for Haiti on […]

Lent devotional

Lenten Devotional Guide 2016

Lent begins next Wednesday with the imposition of Ashes. We put together this simple devotional guide to help you soak in the weekly texts. Download the PDF here. Join the online discussion at Grace Learning Center. This video explains how to use the guide. It is designed for groups of any kind: families, small groups, […]

Steve Thomason is a pastor, teacher, and artist. His Ph.D. is in missional leadership from Luther Seminary and he specializes in creating visual learning tools.

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