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How much should we give

How Much Should We Give? | A Sermon on Giving

This is the fourth sermon in our Take a Step to Give Series. This week we ask the practical question: How much should we give? The Bible does not give a clear answer, but this sermon explores how percentage is a way to think about equality in giving. This is our fourth week in the […]

giving 07

Why Should We Give? | A Section of the Sermon I Had to Cut for Time

The art of preaching poses many challenges. One of those challenges is deciding what not to say. When you preach in a middle-class, suburban context with multiple services, you have to pay attention to time and how long your sermon runs. I aim to preach between 15-17 minutes, which, for me is a manuscript of […]

what is the church

Gratitude, Giving, and the Essence of the Church

This sermon explores how we can take a step in gratitude by getting back to the basics. The church is a group of people gathered around the Good News that we have been set free through Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit. The reality of the Gospel sparks an attitude of […]


A Sketch of an article by Kieran Scott “Alternating Currents: Sacramental and Prophetic Imagining and Church Education”

Kieran Scott’s article “Alternating Currents: Sacramental and Prophetic Imagining and Church Education” in Religious Education, offers a hopeful framework for the local church to educate people in the emerging post-modern context. He argues that we must embrace two seemingly contradictory imaginations and hold them in constant tension, like alternating currents. On the one side is […]