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cardboard sign

Why Do You Love God?

Next weekend we begin a five-week sermon series through the book of Job from the collection of Wisdom literature in the Hebrew Scripture. Most people react to this news with either an eye roll or a slouch in the shoulders. “Job! Really? It’s so depressing.” True. Job can be a depressing book. After all, it’s […]

creation walk title slide

Connecting to Creation in Suburbia

Our youth director, Kristi Larson, is gone on the youth mission trip this week, so she asked me to fill in for her at Summer Stretch tomorrow. The topic is Caring for God’s Creation. We will meditate on Psalm 8 and reflect on how we can care for God’s creation in everyday life. This seemed […]


Day Off Doodle | Spock Star Trek Beyond

Guess what we saw today! Yep, Star Trek Beyond delivers all the goods for the Star Trek Fan. Here’s a quick caricature of Spock painted in Corel Painter 2016, mostly with the Real 2B Pencil and a little watercolor.

hearing God

Dallas Willard on the Bible and the Word of God

Chapter Six of Dallas Willard’s book Hearing God is titled “The Word of God & the Rule of God.” It is a fabulous exploration of how the word of God is the source of and intertwined with reality itself. He says, “The very phrase ‘still small voice’ [from the previous chapter] might seem to suggest […]