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Latest Blog Posts

God as father

Can You Call God Father?

Are you able to call God Father? Some people are not. Many people had horrible fathers that abused them. Many people didn’t know their fathers because they walked out. Many people associate the term father with a long, painful history of male domination and the negative aspects of a patriarchal society. These people would rather […]


How Do You Manage Multiple Passions?

Do you ever feel like you have so many things that you would like to do that you don’t know where to start? You have so many passions vying for your attention that you can feel overwhelmed and wonder which ones should take priority. How can you manage them all? If you do, then you […]

Ark of the Covenant Mercy Seat

Meeting God at the Mercy Seat

We begin a four-week series on the Lord’s Prayer this weekend. Luke’s version of the prayer, in Luke 11:2-4, simply begins, “Father…” This is a relational term and opens up the outrageous possibility that the finite human is invited to speak directly to the infinite God. This morning I read Richard Rohr’s meditation on how […]

Richard Rohr conversion

What is Conversion?

What is conversion? Is it a one-time experience, or is it a continual process that lasts, hopefully, a lifetime? Richard Rohr is a writer that has challenged my thinking and relationship with God for over a decade. His recent newsletter raised the issue of conversion. It’s worth the read. This reminded me of Walter Conn’s […]